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merge.part.locate. was performed by Crystal Sepúlveda for homeLA at Asuka Hisa's Victoria Park home in Los Angeles.

there are some questions that permeate how i am investigating/defining/composing my relationship to Asuka’s home, the designated home-site for the 15th installment of homeLA // Victoria Park.

i am asking these questions from the position of two locations in Asuka’s home - under and near the staircase by the front entryway and outdoors on top of the portico.

i will alternate between these two locations throughout my four hour durational performance.

i see the performance as a platform for revealing the development of these questions.

i will be additionally informed by the flow of spectators and performers entering, exiting, lingering, passing through and returning again.

the locations that have called my attention (mentioned above) are situated between or next to more than one other happening/performance. my process is leading me to be conscious of attending to the production of a state of juxtaposition that is not an absolute side by side framing, but one that merges into the other at times diagonally, temporarily, as a reference, on the edges or ongoing...

i am thinking about how to be responsive to my surroundings beyond the two locations where i am located.

i am thinking, how might this response-extension generate information for me to explore live, right where i am?

how will i negotiate between being here and there from here?

what will come from my own self-imposed state of alternating between two specific locations?

what kind of relationship will i establish between the locations i inhabit?

how are these locations distinguished?

how will time inform possibilities to remain and construct identified place?

what will change, with the gaze specifically, when performing near audience and then performing from a distance?

these are the immediate questions and desires that will become the work, merge.part.locate.
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